Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why Lawrence Makerspace is important for our community.

We all have thoughts and ideas everyday. What if you had a place where you could go to investigate them a little more.  America was founded on innovation driven out of necessity. Today, most of us live happy and fairly secure lives where the need to innovate is no longer urgent, it's a side thought.

But the world awaits to know about your great ideas.

I'm going to post a few stories here about some great ideas that improved life in simple ways... these stories did not start at Lawrence Makerspace but your story can.

Spend a few minutes and allow these stories to inspire you to experiment with innovation. Solve a simple problem or improve something you use everyday,  and take the next step to join other like minded and inspired individuals at Lawrence Makerspace.

The Dyson Vacuum -

Adam Savage of MythBusters telling a story about Dodo birds, and inspiration to create...

Yep, you could do that!

Is it useful. Sort of. Think he learned something while making it? Absolutely. I like the green ones. This is an example of the type of device you could make at Lawrence Makerspace.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Resident Entrepreneur Profile: Greg Thompson

Meet Resident Entrepreneur
Greg Thompson

Greg's background in automation, software development, entertainment and marketing led him to take up shop at Lawrence Makerspace because he can experiment with new ideas and work through the prototype process to develop and refine product ideas before they are taken to market. But he's quick to point out that, "Lawrence Makerspace is the ultimate playground for the creative mind to express itself. I don't start being concerned if my ideas are always commercially viable when I begin fabricating them... (Lawrence Makerspace) is simply a place to go to have fun and feel inspired by the creativity and innovation that surrounds you. When you put yourself in a place like this, good ideas just start to happen. It's a lot like living in your dreams, anything becomes possible there."

Greg has professionally worked on a wide range of projects ranging from themed entertainment for the restaurant, hospitality and retail sectors to video server technology for interactive theme parks and location based entertainment venues.

Since moving to Lawrence in 2003, Greg has focused on software development and new media & technology consulting. "Working in Los Angeles, New York and abroad, there's a lot of pressure, long hours and stress. I work well in that sort of environment but have learned to enjoy the relaxed pace of Lawrence.  I've been able to slow down and work on projects I enjoy here, including raising some Chickens in my backyard... It would be clear looking at a portfolio of recent projects I've worked on most of them have been to simply satisfy my own curiosity... but it's been limiting to not have local access to the resources you find in a large city. Lawrence Makerspace is really going to blow open the realm of what's within reach of the creative mind here in Lawrence.  Someone can walk into Lawrence Makerspace with just an idea in their head and turn it into something they can sit down in front of you and say; 'Look at this interesting thing I just made, what do you think about it?'."

Locally, you may recognize some Greg's artistry at the annual Gingerbread auction for Big Brother's Big Sisters of Douglas County.

Lawrence Makerspace in Greg's own words;
"I'm an so excited about the Lawrence Makerspace. For a small community like Lawrence to have access to this range and quality of tools and knowledge it's quite a privileged for us.  I was an early participant because I didn't want to miss out on this opportunity to meet, collaborate and learn from like minded individuals here in Lawrence and was eager to lend my support to help nurture a strong creative community right here.  The number of 'makers spaces' have been increasing all across America, but they are generally centered in much larger urban settings.  Lawrence is unique because we have the mix of talent here to support this project and Joshua's proven leadership, personal investment and commitment to the project will secure it's success.  Everything is right about this facility, the machines, the space, the leadership, the people and the price."

101 things you can make at Lawrence Makerspace

Some of you might not know where to start if you were to join a community work-space like Lawrence Makerspace... but take a look at this list and become inspired to test yourself, be creative and learn to work with your hand, mind and heart along side like minded individuals here at Lawrence Makerspace.

Project you could do at Lawrence Makerspace;
  1. Costumes for Renaissance Faire including custom buckles, buttons and clasps.
  2. Table, chairs and a bookcase.
  3. Custom speaker enclosures including the speakers themselves.
  4. Tesla Coil.
  5. Laser engraved katana sword.
  6. Dungeons and Dragons figurines.
  7. Custom iPhone case.
  8. A wedding ring.
  9. Replacement wood moldings for an antique house.
  10. Custom door knobs.
  11. A battle bot.
  12. A ballot box.
  13. A Remote Control Plane.
  14. Custom eye glass frames.
  15. A faucet.
  16. A trampoline.
  17. A website for rescuing small animals.
  18. Small robotic pets.
  19. A spoon, a fork and a knife.
  20. Dominoes.
  21. A ham radio antenna.
  22. Custom picture frames.
  23. A ceiling fan.
  24. An automated chicken coop.
  25. A porch swing.
  26. A hunting stand.
  27. A flash light.
  28. An educational toy.
  29. A custom gas petal.
  30. A toy poodle.
  31. Leather chaps. 
  32. Yard art.
  33. A ping pong ball satellite and a space balloon payload frame.
  34. A swing set.
  35. A dog house.
  36. A bat house.
  37. A cat scratching post.
  38. An automatic tennis ball thrower for a dog.
  39. Edit a video.
  40. Design a Christmas card.
  41. Make a solar room heater.
  42. A pillow to sleep on.
  43. A bed frame.
  44. An alarm clock.
  45. New key caps for your laptops keyboard.
  46. A paint ball hopper.
  47. A security camera housing.
  48. An electric guitar pick, plus the entire electric guitar and it's amplifier.
  49. A glow in the dark Halloween costume.
  50. A life size human skeleton replica.
  51. A musical jewelry box.
  52. Custom shower curtain hooks.
  53. An sailing trophy.
  54. A fishing reel.
  55. A steady-cam.
  56. A grandfather clock.
  57. Custom tail pipes. (minus chroming)
  58. A custom lamp.
  59. Custom bar tap handles.
  60. A mouse trap.
  61. Metal bracelets.
  62. A foot warmer.
  63. Mechanical stilts.
  64. Robotic eyelashes. (Don't as us what these are, that's for you to figure out)
  65. A custom scrabble set.
  66. A custom chess set.
  67. A butter dish.
  68. A sewing thimble.
  69. more projects to come...
Find more ideas at these great websites: