Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why Lawrence Makerspace is important for our community.

We all have thoughts and ideas everyday. What if you had a place where you could go to investigate them a little more.  America was founded on innovation driven out of necessity. Today, most of us live happy and fairly secure lives where the need to innovate is no longer urgent, it's a side thought.

But the world awaits to know about your great ideas.

I'm going to post a few stories here about some great ideas that improved life in simple ways... these stories did not start at Lawrence Makerspace but your story can.

Spend a few minutes and allow these stories to inspire you to experiment with innovation. Solve a simple problem or improve something you use everyday,  and take the next step to join other like minded and inspired individuals at Lawrence Makerspace.

The Dyson Vacuum -

Adam Savage of MythBusters telling a story about Dodo birds, and inspiration to create...