Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Makerspace"?
A makerspace provides members with all the tools, knowledge and workspace that they need to design and build creative projects. We provide everything from professional grade computer numerical control (CNC) routers to 3D printers to a rubber mallet.

Members can come to the makerspace to work on their projects.

We also teach classes on how to use advanced tools to make stuff.  We will be teaching classes on everything from creating latex zombie masks, to laser cutting plywood, to soldering circuit boards.

What can I make at the makerspace?
The idea is that you can make almost anything.  Here is a list of projects that might be fun!

How does the business work?
The business model is much like a gym.  We provide space, buy and maintain expensive equipment and teach classes.

For a low monthly payment, members get access to expensive equipment and space that they couldn't afford to have at home.

What kind of facilities do you have?
Our facilities page has a detailed listing of our planned facilities.  We will continue to upgrade our facilities on an ongoing basis.

I own an existing business and would like to use your facility, can I do that?
Absolutely! Small businesses are welcome to become makerspace members and use or equipment for prototyping.

For a low monthly payment, business members get access to expensive capital equipment that they might not need very often.

Business members are required to take the same safety training classes and pass the same safety test(s) as home members.

I'm an entrepreneur, can I use your facilities to start my business? - Contact Us
YES!  Lawrence Makerspace is co-located with the Lawrence Center for Entrepreneurship.  Our entrepreneur memberships are designed to help you startup.  We have offices and co-working space  available for entrepreneurs in residence.  Entrepreneurs who use our facility get:

1. A great start-up community with lots of energy.  We are the Lawrence Hub for small technology start-ups!
2. Access to experienced entrepreneurs and mentors
4. 1,000 Mpbs Fiber-Optic Internet
5. 4Us of rack space
6. Six Public IP addresses
7. Access to our color laser printer
8. Access to our state of the art equipment

How much does it cost?
Because of the investment we are making in safety training for new members, we require a 1 year commitment.

Home Memberships: - Sign Up
Single memberships are $39.99/Mo
Family memberships are $49.99/Mo (Up to 4 family members)
Additional family members are $10/Mo/Ea

Business Memberships: - Sign Up
Business memberships are priced according to the number of employees that your business employs.  This allows us to keep costs down for very small businesses and scale it in a fair way for larger organizations.

Please note that all employees count toward the number of employees at your business regardless of if they will be using the facility or not.  Yes, the owner(s) also count as employees.

Business memberships are $79.99/Mo (includes first three (3) employees)
For each additional full time employee you employ adds $19.99/Mo
For each additional part time employee you employ adds $9.99/Mo

Active military and veterans get a $10/Mo discount with a valid military ID

Is there a contract?
Yes, all customers are required to sign a 1 year commitment.

We are investing a lot of resources in safety training for each new member.  The one year commitment guarantees that we will recoup these costs.

Can I get out of my contract?
Yes, you can buy your contract at any time for 1/2 of the standard retail price of the time left on the contract.

Can my membership be terminated by the makerspace?
We reserve the right to refuse or revoke membership at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of the owners and/or their representatives.

We have a zero tolerance policy toward harassment, racism, discrimination, criminal behavior, unsafe behavior, alcohol, drug use or other irresponsible behavior.

We also have an outright ban on the manufacturing of guns, edged weapons and/or explosives.

The use of fissile materials is also banned, but if you can build working fusion reactor that is fine.

Be responsible, follow safety procedures, treat others with respect and follow the rules and all will be groovy.

When do you open?
We are opening the shop to members on February 1, 2015.   Entrepreneurs may be able to move in earlier when we find a site, please contact us if you are interested in being an entrepreneur in residence.

Is there an age limit?
To become a member, you must be 18 years of age.  Children are permitted as part of a family membership, but must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Can anyone become a member?
Lawrence Makerspace is a private facility and is not open to the public.  All memberships are provisional and subject to review by Lawrence Makerspace staff.  We reserve the right to deny membership to anyone for any reason.  Provisional members who are denied full membership will have their payments refunded with 7 days.