Lawrence Makerspace will begin taking membership applications on February 1, 2015

Home Memberships: - Sign Up
Single memberships are $39.99/Mo
Family memberships are $49.99/Mo (Up to 4 family members)
Additional family members are $10/Mo/Ea

Active military and veterans get a $5/Mo discount with a valid military ID. Not valid with other offers.

Business Memberships: - Sign Up
Business memberships are priced according to the number of employees that your business employs.  This allows us to keep costs down for tiny businesses and scale it fairly for larger organizations.

Please note that all employees count toward the number of employees at your business regardless of if they will be using the facility or not.  Yes, the owner(s) also count as employees.

Business memberships are $79.99/Mo (includes first three (3) employees)
For each additional full time employee you employ adds $19.99/Mo
For each additional part time employee you employ adds $9.99/Mo

Active military and veterans get a $10/Mo discount with a valid military ID.  Not valid with other offers.

NOTE: For ongoing payments we take payment via ACH Auto-debit or Credit Card ONLY!  You must have a valid credit card or active checking account to become a member.

NOTE: Lawrence Makerspace is a private facility and is not open to the public.  All memberships are provisional and subject to review by Lawrence Makerspace staff.  We reserve the right to deny membership to anyone for any reason.  Provisional members who are denied full membership will have their payments refunded with 7 days.